We are part of something special, stay humble

– Nahko


Your New Partner & Coach

Utilizing a deep, spiritual connection and a profound love for humanity, Luke impacts his clients’ understanding and access to the possibility of an extraordinary life. Luke’s light-hearted and compassionate approach to working with clients creates a joyful experience of transformation, while erasing the boundaries of what once seemed impossible. His strength, power and compassion are the foundation he stands on.

His clients have made tremendous achievements in sport performance, rapid and healthy weight loss, stress management leading to calm and measured performance and other extraordinary goals, which had previously appeared unattainable.

Our Partners, Affiliates, & Friends

Solar Impulse Project

It’s a team of us from around the world that are creating a new way of seeing in the workplace and delivering training that is based in science of the intelligence of the Heart.

School of Remembering

The School of Remembering was created by Drunvalo Melchizedek to foster individual growth and increase the understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring.


SHO-TAI® is a simple, safe and natural method of techniques used to perform physical, structural and nutritional analysis of the human body.


Building healthier, happier, high performing cultures, so that all team members thrive – in and out of the workplace.